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QR Codes

We see more and more QR codes in the streetscape

But what is it? And what can we do with it??
You can take a picture of a QR code with the right application on your phone. 
Then four things can happen:
The phone loads a website, you get a text message, or a telephone number or text appears.
It depends how the QR code is created.

What can Willems Classics then mean to you?
Willems Classics enamellingscodes on an enamel plate.
So the code can hang out for years and continues to function.
In consultation, we also produce the QR codes and we help you with the deployment of these.
Would you like a mini-website “landing page” for your QR code?

Willems Classics BV has favorable price fixings with a reputable advertising agency.
Here you can obviously benefit from. Contact us for the possibilities

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