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Our many customers in the government use enamel applications for street name signswater flow gaugesmonument signsthermometers, municipality shields etcetera.

The sustainable use, the classic appearance, the quality and the reasonable price are all reasons why Willems Classics is a leading supplier to the government who chooses enamel, tin or aluminum.


Enamel signs with e.g. Own Way, Article 461 plates, Towing Arrangement but also signage, signs and road signs in the broadest sense are standard enamel productions for us.


Top Enamel is the key word in all this and stands for handmade enamel produced in the traditional method. Per color in the oven at 800 ° C.
Graffiti and UV resistance prevent these practice boards to impoverish.


Besides the many familiar signposts we can arrange the arm of the municipality, government & embassy in enamel. In other words; past and present go hand in hand.
The facade often displays both the old traditional logo as well as the updated version. We can produce this combination in our stylish weather-resistant enamel.
We produce small enamel plaques for town festivals and anniversaries to commemorate, which retailers can place on their facade.


The possibilities are virtually endless, whether it is house number plates, nameplates, street name signs  for old town centers, parking signs or billboards.
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