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We offer enamel thermometers in many standard sizes.
In a curved shape, so that the image quality can be easily described as “excellent”.
TopEmaille has provided it for many large international companies.


Standard sizes are for example 22×75 cm / 13×65 cm and 7×32 cmbut in numbers, we can offer new moulds created completely in-house.


This also makes the production unique; we give exclusivity to your logo!


Limited edition is also a possibility with an enamel thermometer.
Individually or in larger quantities, we are very flexible because of our manual production.
You can e-mail your logo to us and we will create a design that is fully adapted to our thermometer models.
The attention value of this product is great because who doesn’t want to know how warm / cold it is?

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Our thermometers have a glass capillary with alcohol pigment.
In the authentic traditional thermometers there is still often mercury inside, we have replaced this harmful polluting liquid by alcohol, however.

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