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Family crests, community logos, embassy recognition shields, but we also provide detailed heraldic shields with great attention.
These shields are fully manually built into the oven.

We are experienced with these often complicated logos since 1983, either individually or in larger quantities.
We refine drawings that we get delivered, for the production of enamel armorial bearings, to get a glorious end result.
Whether it’s for the Embassy of Paramaribo, the cathedral, the chapel, or a family crest, we provide it to the desired size of e.g. 10×10 cm, up to 120×80 cm!
Rectangular, curved, cut, executed in gold and silver; in consultation we will determine the look that’s desired with the enamel armorial bearing.

We take care of armorial bearings that often fit the existing architecture, enamel shields that used to hang at the entrance gates of castles, but also Abbey boards, heraldry family crests, family tree drawings, hand-made enamel with a quality consciousness to fit the weapon.
We draw the family crest from signet rings which often include a family crest in order to achieve a final design of a family crest board.

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