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The versatility of this product group often makes it complex.
However, thanks to our 17 years of experience in the production of enamel signage, we have always realised a similar project.
We are able to translate your wishes into stylish enamel signage, in any desired shape, with sizes up to 120×95 cm.


We are your partner in this production, whether it’s for a hotel, trade center, school complex, or catering facility.
We transform a simple reference into a true advertising object, by applying corporate design colors. We have the solution for both inside and outside signs.
Enamel is the qualitative counterpart of permanent signs with vinyl lettering, wall letters, and Trespa panels with lettering.


The choice is yours, request information without any obligations what Willems Classics can do for you.



We provide information signs with arrows and text in any desired color, individually or for an entire project.
In addition, we usually deliver the customer’s company logo in enamel in the form of a sign, clock, and thermometer.
But also standard signs with toilet indication, come in all diversity.


For more information about the standard delivery program and how to order it, check www.qualityenamelsigns.co.uk


This is the enamel signs webshop with over 1,000 different products.
Inspire yourself; we can be reached by phone during the office hours on phone number +31(0)297-524040

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