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Text Signs give your story an appropriate appearance.
In many desired shapes possible, even contour cut is.
By using the right colors, a plain text font may get a stylish look.
A special traditional setting or just a sleek modern lines pattern, makes it complete.
The text panel will then be even considered as a true advertising item.
Explanation about a monument, ban text or signage are just a few of the many applications.
The enamel text board or name sign is built up in the oven at 800 ° C per color plate, so that depth is obtained in the text. The insensitivity for graffiti and the UV resistance makes enamel to the best choice.


Inform yourself about the many possibilities of enamel text signs.



We deliver name plates in the form of text panels, as a single piece, but also for projects where an entire neighbourhood is provided with characteristic information. These signs are often seen as a facade or advertising medium.


Besides text, we can also obviously add a logo or place a picture next to it, so that the enamel sign shows an overall picture.
You see more information under e.g. products company logos, dealer signs, safety signs.

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