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As a graphic designer, you are looking for a reliable partner for the realization of your designs in enamel, tin or aluminum. Willems Classics is that reliable partner. As an eminent market leader in Europe, we are able to make your designs to perfection in any desired size, color, design and shape. Enamel, tin and aluminum are our basic materials leading to an impeccable result for optimal communication of, by and for your customer …


If desired, Willems Classics makes company logos per unit.

Curved, flat with flanged edges or contour cut, together in consultation we define the implementation.


Colors of an enamel dealer sign for example, based on RAL or Pantone colors.


Besides advertising boards, we often represent the logo in the form of a functional product such as a thermometer, clock or coat rack.

Be inspired by the many examples which we have depicted on the site.
Club Signs, armorial bearings, information boards, direction signs, but also your photo on enamel; this gives a wealth of information what the possibilities could be in practice.
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