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Willems Classics has also supplied many district water authorities with enamel levels gauges. Apart from the water authorities, a large number of contractors and other companies that construct or maintain pump works or bridges have also sought us out to supply them with gauge slats.

Because of their unique production process, enamel level gauges are highly suitable to be hung in damp places for many years. Enamel gauge slats are corrosion resistant and colourfast. In addition, the use of curved moulds makes the enamel gauges even more robust.

The divisions of the water levels are applied using stencils, ensuring that these measurements show up in a clear and thick layer on the gauge. In this way, the divisions can be seen and felt and the product breathes an air of quality.

Besides NAP (Normaal Amsterdam Peil / Amsterdam Ordnance Datum) gauges, we also supply TAW (Second General Levelling) gauge slats for use in Belgium. These feature black level indicators on a yellow or white background. The TAW as well as the NAP gauges are entirely crafted by hand and are perfect for water measurements.

All our water gauges come with stainless steel steel screws and wall plugs.

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