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We supply enamel signs in many varieties:

From plaques, emblem in front of the grill, enamel clock with the club logo, right up to enamel thermometers with your own car, motorcycle, tractor logo.


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Enamel car and motor text panels are used as decoration in many garages.
We supply handmade enamel plates for club rides decorations, anniversary, and rally but also for fair decorations of the club stand.


Across Europe, we are now the purveyor of many international car, tractor and motorcycle clubs.


Porsche 356 Club, Ducati Club Netherlands, Vespa Club Germany, MV Agusta Club Schweiz, Ferguson Club England are just some examples for which Willems Classics has been producing for years.


Ask here for more information, without any obligations.


We take care of car thermometer, car plates, car nameplates, motorbike thermometers, tank emblems, tractor signs & enamel motorbike logos, in the traditional manner at 800° C in the oven.

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