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Our enamel signs are completely manufactured by hand, each color is fired in the oven at 800°C (about 1400°F). This means that a simple-looking enamel sign can be quite a challenge. Founder of Willems Classics, Duco Willems, is here displayed next to the production process of an Indian Motorcycles sign. This sign is manufactured in 6 individual steps.

The first step is cleaning the base material, steel. After the cleaning the first layer of base enamel (black) is burned on the steel. Now we are ready for the background color (red) of the Indian sign (step 3). After the background color the black shadow/outline of the text “Indian” is put on with stencils and burned on to the sign.

After this, the final color for Indian text (yellow) is burned on the sign. Afterwards we apply a second layer of yellow to give the color a full look. The last step is burning the text, Motorcycles since 1901, on the sign using a ceramic decal.

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