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We produced the official quality sign for Bazar Coffee & Tea.
These aluminum plates are in a curved shape.
A big advantage of aluminum is that it is very suitable for outdoor use.

Aluminum doesn’t rust, and by using special inks we even made it UV resistant. That’s why we give 2 years warranty on all our aluminum plates.
 If you’d like to drink a cup of coffee or tea you come along this Quality Sign, then you know that you’re at the right place!

Willems Classics provides several exclusive banners in combination with a custom frame.

This is visible from two sides, e.g. with 2 enamel advertising boards which we link.

Perpendicularly from the wall or to attach, thanks to a special hanging frame.

This way, your existing advertisement gets more power.

More and more we get asked to provide the total package; so, not only the enamel advertising boards, but also in combination with a hanging frame as desired.

We have linked two enamel plates this week for a project, to then confirm them to a lamppost.
This increases the accessibility of the relevant establishment, thanks to these plates.

Ask us about the possibilities

For the sub-brand of Heineken, Brand Weizen, Willems Classics has produced the official advertising sign. This embossed tin sign, sized 40×60 cm. will be seen everywhere around the Netherlands this summer. By embossing the text and glass the sign already draws attention. To make the sign complete we’ve added a gold edge, using metallic printing techniques.

Interested in such a advertisign? Please contact us, or directly ask us for a quotation. We are happy to help you with a succesfull marketing campaign.

For many years, we are proud to have Carmen Coffee in our customer base. This week they launched a new logo, new enamel boards belong to this as well of course.
The new logo is somewhat more modern but this is also beautifully displayed in enamel.

Through years of experience we are capable to perpetuate the most complex images in enamel.

The weapon that you see on the right is produced with real gold. There are also color and gradient grids visible. A thick layer of enamel powder under the entire image, so that the whole armorial bearing lays in relief on the enamel board.
We produce our Armorial bearings according to your wishes; this is already possible from one single unit.

You can contact us if you’d like to receive more information or if you’d like to get an offer. One of our staff members is happy to help.

Willems Classics has been producing “Excellent” dealer signs for FR-security since 1999. Their best resellers receive this sign every year. The catchy colors, combined with the slogan “Excellent Performance” is well received.

A small serie is made with the year in gold. They are reserved for the cream of the crop.

The enamel signs are perfectly used this way! Besides being a beautiful gift, which evokes a lot of positive responses for many years, the end consumer is also shown that their local shop has a good product knowledge (for several years).

The representatives of Flügel Netherlands had a nice goal to give away a nice advertising item to the catering businesses that they visit. Willems Classics has produced tin wall advertising for the brands Boswandeling and Fireman – 1,500 pieces of both motifs.

Again, a series of “hop signs” have come out of production this week. These simple-looking signs required first class workmanship.
This enamel sign is made of 11 separate films.

Each enamel plate has a different text.
This enamel plate is given away at the taps, along with two hop plants.
The row where the hop plants grew and the plant number appear on the enamel signs. The name of the Café that receives the enamel sign also changes on each enamel sign.

For Protest we’ve recently crafted an exclusive serie of enamel signs. These signs with the catchy slogan “Life is a board, surf’s up” are currently only on display in the biggest Protest stores

Even in small series we can be a perfect partner for decoration of your store, dealers, resellers or your office.

We’d love to hear from you!

We have delivered porcelain enamel memorial shields to more than 100 municipalities now.
This week we delivered to the municipality of Stede Broec.
From design to transportation, Willems Classics takes care of all the steps.

Years ago, we have produced oval enamel plates for the coffee brand Red Pelican – Pelican Rouge.

These enamel signs are until today a great success. A substantial amount is now offered in the collectors’ world for this unique enamel advertising boards with real gold.

This year we have produced tin plates in a series of 500 pieces with relief in a very high quality.
The design has changed and the look is modernized.

For Newave UPS Systems, Willems Classics has been complete partner for the production of their Christmas gifts. In the holiday period, these where personally handed to their “premium” contacts. Entirely in consultation we have assisted in design, resulting in a high quality enamel sign. For example, the logo is completely handmade using stencil techniques, which creates a luxurious and qualitative appearance. This is fully in line with their “Swiss Made” products.

The signs are received very well, and all have been given a prominent place.

We see more and more QR codes in the streetscape

But what is it? And what can we do with it??
You can take a picture of a QR code with the right application on your phone. 
Then four things can happen:
The phone loads a website, you get a text message, or a telephone number or text appears.
It depends how the QR code is created.

What can Willems Classics then mean to you?
Willems Classics enamellingscodes on an enamel plate.
So the code can hang out for years and continues to function.
In consultation, we also produce the QR codes and we help you with the deployment of these.
Would you like a mini-website “landing page” for your QR code?

Willems Classics BV has favorable price fixings with a reputable advertising agency.
Here you can obviously benefit from. Contact us for the possibilities

For the foundation “Super Supermarkt” Willems Classics B.V. has produced their quality sign.

The foundation selects supermarkets that shine in several aspects (like envoirement, assortment and local involvement). Only the supermarkets that outshine in all categories will be rewarded with an enamel quality sign.

Are you looking for quality- or dealer signs? Please contact us, we would like to discuss the possibilities with you.

World-famous biscuit producer Jules Destrooper (Belgium) askes to make their old advert completely up-to-date. The 125-year old family company wanted to launch an exclusive campaign and contact Willems Classics for it. On basis of an original litho (on your right) we have made a new high quality tin metal sign, which has all the benefits of a modern-day production, but still has very nostalgic looks. Timeless communication was the keyword in this production.

Would you like a nostalgic appearance for your marketing campaign? Or do you prefer modern ads? We can produce any design in enamel, tin metal or aluminum. Please contact us for all the possibilities and advice, or directly request your offer.

We produced enamel signs for many car, motorbike and tractor clubs. This week we delivered to the Flemish Old-timer Club in Belgium.
We have produced plaques and grill badges in enamel for many clubs in Europe. We produce these customized, even in small numbers.
Whether it’s for an anniversary ride, a lustrum or a special car rally; send your logo and we will outline the possibilities.
In addition, we produce enamel car, motorcycle and tractor signs commissioned by specific brands clubs.
Both in tin as well as enamel, with the club logo in many different formats.

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