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Life is a...

For Protest we've recently crafted an exclusive serie of enamel signs. These signs with the catchy slogan &qout;Life is a board, surf's up" are currently only on display in the biggest Protest stores

Even in small series we can be a perfect partner for decoration of your store, dealers, resellers or your office.

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Excellent with a golden shine

Willems Classics has been producing "Excellent" dealer signs for FR-security since 1999. Their best resellers receive this sign every year. The catchy colors, combined with the slogan "Excellent Performance" is well received.

A small serie is made with the year in gold. They are reserved for the cream of the crop.

The enamel signs are perfectly used this way! Besides being a beautiful gift, which evokes a lot of positive responses for many years, the end consumer is also shown that their local shop has a good product knowledge (for several years).

Premium powered promotional gift

For Newave UPS Systems, Willems Classics has been complete partner for the production of their Christmas gifts. In the holiday period, these where personally handed to their "premium" contacts. Entirely in consultation we have assisted in design, resulting in a high quality enamel sign. For example, the logo is completely handmade using stencil techniques, which creates a luxurious and qualitative appearance. This is fully in line with their "Swiss Made" products.

The signs are received very well, and all have been given a prominent place.

Brand Weizen Advertising

For the sub-brand of Heineken, Brand Weizen, Willems Classics has produced the official advertising sign. This embossed tin sign, sized 40x60 cm. will be seen everywhere around the Netherlands this summer. By embossing the text and glass the sign already draws attention. To make the sign complete we've added a gold edge, using metallic printing techniques.

Blikken reclamebord Brand Weizen - Heineken

Interested in such a advertisign? Please contact us, or directly ask us for a quotation. We are happy to help you with a succesfull marketing campaign.

Quality Signs "Super Supermarkt"

For the foundation "Super Supermarkt" Willems Classics B.V. has produced their quality sign.

The foundation selects supermarkets that shine in several aspects (like envoirement, assortment and local involvement). Only the supermarkets that outshine in all categories will be rewarded with an enamel quality sign.

Are you looking for quality- or dealer signs? Please contact us, we would like to discuss the possibilities with you.