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As an advertising agency, you are involved with the form, content, message and medium for your accounts. With this, communication in enamel, aluminum or tin extra special because of its timeless, classic, durable and nostalgic look. And above all, this medium carries the promise of becoming a style icon of our time until far into the distant future. As a collector's item or as a nostalgic souvenir. Think of the many old signs of Persil, Van Oordt cigarettes, Borgward cars, Adelaar and many others.

The possible forms of enamel are virtually endless, as well as the possible applications. Besides the 'normal advertising boards', enamel, tin or aluminum can also be used for thermometers, clocks, coat racks, blisters, packaging, holders, stands, calendars, trays and so on.

Emaille reclame borden

The use in the distribution channel (such as dealers or franchisees), merchandising, in a savings plan concept, as a distinction, for imaging, as mood-determination and so on could be thought of for the applications of enamel, tin and aluminum in the communication.

This website contains numerous examples that not only provide inspiration to the real Creative Director but most of all empowers the partner that goes one step further. In concept, creativity, as sparring partner, for the realization and even for the distribution.

Inspire yourself. Surprise yourself.

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